After studing at Swansea College of Art Edwin went to Beresford and Hicks London as a woodcarver, then went part time to study at City and Guilds London, later to became a lecturer there.

Moving on to lecture at Hornsey College of Art, Edwin became a resident at Digswell House (which was set up by Williams Morris). After leaving there Edwin came back home to Wales to live, lecturing at Middlesex Polytechnic and Swansea Institute.


"Ones work is based on the sea, beaches and coastline with all its magical powers from a grain of sand to a flicker of light upon its space.

From its magic I hope the piece of work will hone a creative feeling within the observer. The perspex sculptures are a particular series based on the different movements of light reflected upon its form which then is developed through a process of analysing within the studio, creating a feeling of ectasy within it.

One develops all the ideas through exploring the different qualities within all materials."